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Bravo will publish book on his work at Nemea

Professor Jorge Bravo has received a contract from the University of California Press to publish his book, The Hero Shrine of Opheltes at Nemea, as the fourth and final volume of the Excavations at Nemea series.  Based primarily on excavation work in the Sanctuary of Zeus at Nemea, much of which he himself supervised, the book presents a detailed analysis of the archaeological remains of the shrine where the ancient Greeks worshipped the child hero Opheltes.

Professor Bravo also marshals the relevant literary and artistic evidence about the hero’s myth and cult in order to demonstrate the hero’s fundamental connection to the Nemean Games, one of the premier athletic festivals of antiquity.  As one of the best documented examples of a classical Greek hero shrine, the Shrine of Opheltes promises to play an important role in subsequent studies of Greek hero cult.