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Hallett publishes essay in Classics and Class

Professor Judith Peller Hallett has co-authored an essay, entitled "Raising the Iron Curtain, Crossing the Pond: Transformative Interactions Among North American and Eastern European Classicists since 1945," in Classics and Class: Greek and Latin Classics and Communism at School (Warsaw and Ljubljana, 2016) with Professor Dorota Dutsch (UC-Santa Barbara). Hallett and Dutsch consider the "transformative interactions among North American and Eastern European classicists since 1945" from their own, very different perspectives.

Classics alumnus Josh Rocchio (BA in Music and Classical Studies 2005, MA in Latin & Greek 2009) edited the volume of essays that includes Professor Hallett's chapter. Since moving to Ljubljana, Slovenia, and briefly studying as a PhD candidate in the University of Ljubljana's Linguistics and Classics departments, Rocchio now works as an entrepreneur, teacher, editor, and translator of Slovene texts into English.

The volume can be found on the University Library's catalogue here.

Update: Professor Hallett was interviewed about this essay by the show Epic City on WOWD-LP Takoma Park radio (94.3 FM) and their hosts Carolivia Herron and Cardo Henderson on September 20th, 2016.

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