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Hallett publishes essays in volume on Women Classical Scholars

Professor Judith P. Hallett has published two essays in a new volume from Oxford University Press, Women Classical Scholars: Unsealing the Fountain from the Renaissance to Jacqueline de Romilly, edited by Rosie Wyles and Edith Hall.

One of the essays “Greek (and Roman) Ways and Thoroughfares: the Routing of Edith Hamilton's Classical Antiquity," examines the education and intellectual impact of Edith Hamilton (1867-1963), author of several best selling books on classical antiquity. The other, "Eli's Daughters: Female Classics Graduate Students at Yale, 1892-1941," focuses on the professional training and careers of three women who received Yale classics PhDs during that period: Hazel Barnes, renowned for introducing French existentialism to the US public; and Hallett’s own Wellesley College professors Barbara McCarthy and Margaret Taylor. Hallett also finalized the late Professor Barbara McManus's essay, "Grace Harriet Macurdy (1866-1946): Redefining the Classical Scholar," and provided a biography of McManus herself.

The volume can be found on the University Library's catalogue here.

An essay on Jacqueline de Romilly is also featured in the collection. De Romilly’s Précis de littérature grecque was translated into English by Classics Chair and Professor Lillian Doherty and first published in 1985 under the English title A Short History of Greek Literature. Her translation can be found here.