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Hallett will present at Umeå University's Antikensdag

Professor Judith Hallett will present a lecture and a seminar at the Umeå Group for Premodern Studies’s Antiquity Days on September 5-6, 2016, at Umeå University in Sweden. She will be joined by Professor David Konstan (NYU) and Dr. Pura Nieto Hernández (Brown).

Professor Hallett will present a public lecture on September 6, entitled “Consent and Consensuality in Ancient Greco-Roman Marriage,” in which she will explore the variegated patterns and problems of consent and consensuality in Greco-Roman marriages. Following the lecture, she will present a research seminar entitled “Gendering Roman Notions of Female Leadership: The Binary and Beyond,” in which she will trace the possibilities and permutations of Roman female leadership, challenge traditional views, and offer exciting new gendered readings.

All who are interested are welcome to attend. Please indicate your interest to: lewis.webb@umu.se.