Nostos and Immigration from Homer to Demotic Songs

In this "Year of Immigration" at the Unversity, the Classic’s Department held a conference on the Greek concept of nostos, homecoming and the desire for it, as expressed in Greek literature and culture from antiquity to the present. Professor Polyvia Parara and her students in Advanced Modern Greek gave papers in Greek and English and the program was enlivened by a performance of Greek songs by Mr. Spyros Koliavasilis.  We all shared delicious Greek food during the reception that followed! 

Please enjoy these photos from the event!

Ismini Tsianta 


Aphrodite Striphas

(L to R) Nektarios Fotopoulos and Spyros Koliavasilis

Professor Polyvia Parara


Lambros Syrmos

Ares Vlachos

Nancy Loy


L to R: Prof. Polyvia Parara, Nilos Exar, Ares Vlachos, Nektarios Fotopoulos, Ismini Tsianta, Nancy Loy, George Borsas, Mr. Ilias Borsas, Mr. Pete Spyropoulos


L to R: Lambros Syrmos, Ares Vlachos, Ismini Tsianta, Nektarios Fotopoulos, Nilos Exar, Maria Tritsis


L to R: Prof. Lillian Doherty, Prof. Polyvia Parara, Prof. Doherty, Mrs. Monios, Lieutenant Monios, Mr. Theodoros Bizakis (Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Greece (in red tie)), Nektarios Fotopoulos, Ismini Tsianta, Aphrodite Striphas, Ares Vlachos, Nancy Loy, Spyros Koliavasilis, Lambros Syrmos, Mr. Achilles Rakinas (Second Secretary, Embassy of Greece)


L to R: Mrs. Kaliroe Christou, Prof. Polyvia Parara, Aphrodite Striphas, Prof. Aris Christou (UMD School of Engineering)

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