Jorge Bravo

Professor Jorge Bravo has been awarded a New Directions Innovation Seed Grant from the College of Arts and Humanities to support research and planning for an excavation project in Kenchreai, Greece this summer.

While in Greece, Bravo will use the grant to assess the site and its unpublished material with a view to creating a new research and archaeological field school opportunity that will be open to University of Maryland students.

Located on the Saronic Gulf, Kenchreai served as the eastern harbor of the city of Corinth throughout antiquity. During the 1960s, an American team of archaeologists excavated parts of the harbor, revealing remains of the harbor installations of the Roman Imperial Period as well as warehouses, residences and other buildings, some of which are now submerged.

Remains and artifacts of this period and other periods as well came to light, ranging over about a millennium of history. Some of the excavated material still awaits proper study and publication, and much still lies unexcavated on the extensive lands forming part of the archaeological zone.