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Eva Marie Stehle
Professor Emeritus

Eva Stehle ( received her PhD from the University of Cincinnati. She taught at Wheaton College in Massachusetts before coming to College Park. Her research interests are in Greek poetry, performance, and religion. She takes a feminist perspective and looks particularly at individuals' and characters' gendered construction of the self through ritual, performance, and poetic composition.  She is working on preparing web-based material for teaching Greek religion and on two large projects: performance of Pindar's poetry and women in Greek religion.

Dr. Stehle has published on both Greek and Roman literature.  Her recent work includes Performance and Gender in Ancient Greece:  Nondramatic Poetry in its Setting, Princeton UP 1996; "Women Looking at Women:  Women's Ritual and Temple Sculpture" in Sexuality in Ancient Art,  ed.  N.  Kampen, Cambridge UP 1996; and "Help Me to Sing, Muse, of Plataia" in The New Simonides, ed. D. Boedeker and D. Sider, Arethusa 29,1996.

Dr. Stehle teaches both Greek and Latin at UMCP. She also teaches myth, Greek literature in translation, and ancient religions. In 1996 she was the coordinator of the department's Latin Day, a program for high school and middle school Latin students from the Washington, DC - Maryland - Virginia area, and focused on cultural diversity in the Roman world.

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