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Mark Weadon
Graduate Student

Mark Weadon is reentering the formal world of Classics after a long hiatus, during which he served as a career Air Force Officer in Meteorology.

Following four years of high school Latin in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Mark attended Cornell University, where he received his BA in English.  Pursuing graduate studies in English Literature at the University of Michigan, Mark immersed himself in Latin once again, writing his dissertation on John Dryden’s 17th Century translation of Vergil’s Aeneid.  After receiving his PhD he went on to a teaching position in the Humanities Department at Michigan State University.  Mark entered the Air Force in 1980 as a weather officer, taking a variety of overseas assignments in the course of his career, including Hawaii, England, and Germany.  He was also assigned to the United States Air Force Academy as Associate Professor of English.  After retiring from active duty in 2006, Mark worked as a weather consultant to the Federal Aviation Administration where he continues to the present time.

Mark began taking courses in the University of Maryland Classics Department back in 2012 and is looking forward to finishing his Masters program this academic year.  His particular scholarly interests are Roman epic, and the influence of Latin genres (epic, satire, and drama) on English literature.