Humanities for All

"We are pleased to announce the launch of Humanities for All, a new website that documents the past 10 years of publicly engaged humanities work in US higher education!"
“The Humanities for All website catalogs 1,402 publicly-engaged projects. Fifty-one of these projects—representing the breadth of the field—have in-depth profiles. These profiled projects, based at a range of institutions across the U.S., address diverse local, national, and global concerns with different disciplines, methodologies, and partners.”
“Humanities for All serves three key goals:
  1. to support the efforts of humanities faculty and students interested in embarking on or deepening their own publicly engaged work;
  2. to serve as a resource for advocating for the relevance of the humanities in addressing society’s pressing concerns; and
  3. to provide examples that can broaden narratives about the value of the humanities in higher education beyond a narrow focus on return on investment.
Please explore the website and let us know about any additional projects we should include.”
“Join us in publicizing the site via social media with the hashtag #humanitiesforall.”
“Humanities for All was made possible with support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation."
National Humanities Alliance