The department offers three different undergraduate major tracks and three minors.  Many of our courses can also be used to fulfill General Education and/or CORE requirements.

We offer instruction under three different headings: CLAS, GREK, and LATN. CLAS courses deal with various aspects of the ancient world utilizing English language texts and works of Greek and Latin literature in English translation.  CLAS courses do not provide instruction in the ancient languages nor will they satisfy the Global Engagement requirement in the College of Arts and Humanities. GREK and LATN courses utilize English language texts as well as material in Greek or Latin. They are designed to help students to master the Latin or Greek language and can be used to satisfy the College's Global Engagement requirement.


The deadling for our study abroad programs are coming soon!

The Department of Classics will be offering an advanced course in Latin Pedagogy next spring as a series of Saturday workshops with lunch.  Students may register at the 400 or 600 level.

Applicants should have reached the advanced level in at least one of the two ancient languages, and preferably in both Latin and Greek.


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