Department of Classics

Klassiki Anthodesmi, a "Classical Bouquet" On April 2, the department hosted a successful conference on the Klassiki Anthodesmi. Students joined organizers in presenting papers on the artist, the world's fair, Greek sites as they then appeared, and the ideals & values represented in context of 19th century Greece, France, and the US. READ MORE
Barrenechea receives Loeb Grant This prestigious and competitive award is open to faculty in the field of classics at institutions of higher learning worldwide. The Loeb Foundation was established by a bequest of James Loeb to Harvard in 1933. READ MORE
Congratulations to our 2016 graduates! The UMD Classics Department congratulates all of our graduates of the Class of 2016! Three graduate students and five undergraduate students of the Department of Classics have graduated in May 2016. READ MORE



The members of the Classics Department pride ourselves on bringing the ancient world to life. Whether you choose to major in Classics or just take a course or two with us, we invite you to be a part of our lively learning community.



Professor Hallett will present a lecture and seminar at the Umeå Group’s Antiquity Days on September 5-6, 2016.

Professor Hallett has presented papers at an international conference on feminism and classics, and at a panel on the history of Wellesley College at the 50th reunion of her Wellesley College class.

The National Geographic Museum in Washington D.C. has a new exhibit celebrating 5,000 years of Greek culture.


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