Department of Classics

First NIAF Pellegri Distinguished Lecture Dr. Caroline Winterer of Stanford will give her lecture entitled, "Are We Rome or Greece? America's Infatuation with Classical Antiquity" on March 26 at 3:30 PM. READ MORE Are We Rome or Greece? America's Infatuation with Classical Antiquity
Study Abroad in Greece this Summer For the second year running, Professor Jorge Bravo will be teaching a summer study abroad course on the archaeology, history, and culture of Greece. READ MORE
New scholarships and research opportunities! New annual scholarship and research awards for students beginning Fall 2014 as part of the NIAF Pellegri Program on Roman Antiquity and Its Legacy in America. READ MORE



The members of the Classics Department pride ourselves on bringing the ancient world to life.  Whether you choose to major in Classics or just take a course or two with us, we invite you to be a part of our lively learning community.



Current M.A. student Rob Santucci and M.A. graduate Emily Mohr are participating in summer programs in Greece.

Emily Mohr, who received her M.A.

Talia Chicherio was recently chosen as the first NIAF Pellegri Scholar in the Department of Classics.


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