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Conference in honor of Prof. Judith Hallett's retirement

Photo of Prof. Judith Hallett

In honor of Professor Judith Hallett's retirement after 35 years of devoted service to the Department, a conference was held on April 27, 2018, co-hosted by Classics and History.  See the program below and the attached Ovationes composed by four of her students.  For a video of their performance, go to


Conference on Women and Classical Scholarship, celebrating the retirement of Judith P. Hallett, Professor of Classics and Distinguished Scholar-Teacher, April 27, 2018

Tawes Hall 2115, University of Maryland, College Park

9-9:15 AM Welcome by Lillian Doherty (Classics), Philip Soergel (History)

9:15-10 AM Keynote address by Amy Richlin (University of California at Los Angeles): “Nice Jewish Girls.”

Victoria Pedrick (Georgetown University), presiding

10 AM-Noon Diana Robin (University of New Mexico and Newberry Library): “Three 15th Century Feminists: Their Latin Oratory”

Sandra Cypess and Eyda Merediz (Spanish and Portuguese): “Classical Subversions in Baroque Mexico from (Proto) Feminist Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz”

Jane Donawerth (English): “ ‘Who so various as Cicero?’: Hallie Quinn Brown, Elocution, and Classical Oratory”

Francisco Barrenechea (Classics), presiding

Noon-1 PM Buffet lunch

1-2:30 PM Henriette Harich Schwarzbauer (University of Basel): “Jewish Sappho: the ‘ends’ of the academic career of Gertrud Herzog-Hauser (1894-1953)”

Jacqueline Fabre-Serris (University of Lille): “Nicole Loraux (1943-2003), Florence Dupont (1943-): two ways of challenging the Classical Tradition”

Arthur Eckstein (History): “Mentoring and Scholarship as Life-Changing Experiences: Evelyn Venable Mohr, Mortimer Chambers, Judith Ginsburg, Erich Gruen”

Rose-Marie Oster (Germanic Studies), presiding

2:45-4:15 PM Corey Brennan (Rutgers): “Lily Ross Taylor and Mussolini’s Italy”

John Weisweiler (History): “Sabine MacCormack (1941-2012): Female Scholars and the History of Late Antiquity”

Eric Adler (Classics): “Women Classical Scholars in the Era of the Culture Wars: Some Reflections”

Jorge Bravo (Classics), presiding

4:30-6:00 PM Stephen Rojcewicz (Comparative Literature): “Judith P. Hallett and her Students”

Keynote address by Donald Lateiner (Ohio Wesleyan University): “Judith Peller Hallett Detective: Tracking Early American Female Classicists, not least Edith Hamilton”

Response by Judith P. Hallett

Gregory Bucher (Classics) and Christina Clark (Marymount University), presiding.

6:00-7 PM Reception

Supported by the Departments of Classics and History, and the College of Arts and Humanities, University of Maryland, College Park and EuGeStA (European Gender Studies in Antiquity)


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