Modern Greek Pedagogy talk by Prof. Parara

Visiting Assistant Professor Polyvia Parara will give a refereed talk and an invited seminar at the upcoming 23rd Annual International Conference at the University of Patras in Greece, June 30th to July 2nd, 2017.   The subject of the conference is "Intercultural Education, Educational Structures for Refugees, and the Teaching of Modern Greek as a Foreign Language."  

In her talk, "New Technologies, Culture, and Differentiated Classroom:  Important Factors in Teaching Modern Greek as a Foreign Language," Prof. Parara will discuss  the advantages and disadvantages of the existing textbooks and methods in teaching Modern Greek as a foreign language and will propose a new holistic approach. She will argue that the existing textbooks are not intellectually challenging for students at the university level and do not take advantage of the new technologies that today's students expect to experience in the classroom.  Prof. Parara will also argue for the inclusion of more enriched content on Greek civilization and culture in modern Greek language classes. 

The seminar Prof. Parara has been invited to teach will be on "The Teaching of the Greek Verbal System:  A New Methodological Approach."