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UMD Classics Provides Funding for Elliott Rebello to Co-Direct NJCL Event

Thanks to funding from the University of Maryland's Classic Department, undergraduate Classics student Elliott Rebello was given the opportunity to attend the National Junior Classical League's (NJCL) 63rd annual convention at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. The convention took place over the summer of 2015.

Each year, the NJCL promotes high school and middle school Classics education across the nation. Elliott has been to three NJCL conventions prior to this summer, but this convention marked his first year going as a college student. He is currently a member of the Senior Classical League (SCL), whose main mission at the NJCL is to help events run smoothly. The SCL is compiled of a mix of college-level Classics majors and people who are simply Classicists at heart, all of whom are in charge of directing the sports, track, and field activities for the high school competitors at the convention.

This year, Elliott was invited to co-direct the NJCL's annual talent show, aptly named "That's Entertainment!" The event showcases Junior Classical League (JCL) members' non-Classics abilities. In preparation for the show, Elliott worked tirelessly alongside fellow SCL members to write scripts and manage the event line-up. Their effort was well-appreciated, as the talent show received thunderous applause and approval from its large audience.

The SCL welcomes all Classicists to join in on the fun! If you are interested in joining their ranks or helping out at future events, please check out the National Senior Classical League's official website: http://nscl.org/. You can also contact them at their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/NationalSeniorClassicalLeague?fref=nf. at their.

For more information about the NJCL, please click on this link: http://njcl.org/pages/convoverview.