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Bachelor of Arts

Choose to expand your horizons with an interdisciplinary humanities major while polishing your practical skills.

University of Maryland’s Classics degree enables you to examine the cultural nuances of ancient Greece and Rome, and, in the process, gain deep knowledge of their histories, languages, religions, politics and gender systems.

Our classes emphasize the critical study of western civilization. In the process, students improve as analytical thinkers and skillful communicators—qualities crucial for any career or advanced academic work. Our graduates go on to work in law, education, medicine, information technology, and government service.  

The undergraduate curriculum offers three tracks: Classical Humanities, Latin, and a combined Latin and Greek track. Many of our courses can also be used to fulfill General Education and/or CORE requirements. Information on curriculum and requirements can be found below or in the University Catalog

All major requirements must be completed in addition to the College of Arts and Humanities requirements

Major Tracks

Classical Humanities

Foundation Courses    

  • Select 12 credits at the 1xx-2xx level, at least 6 of which must be in Classics (CLAS courses)*

Advanced Courses    

  • Select eight courses at the 3xx-level or above, of which four must be in Classics and one must be the following**: 
    • CLAS409 Classics Capstone Seminar (to be taken in the junior or senior year)    

36 Total Credits

* The introductory Latin or Greek sequence (LATN101, LATN102, LATN201 or GREK101, GREK102, GREK201), if taken at College Park, fulfills this requirement. If LATN120 and LATN201 are taken at College Park, only one additional course at the 1xx-2xx level is required.  If no language is taken, four courses in English translation, including at least two in Classics, are required.  Students who are capable of working at a higher level may request departmental approval to substitute 3xx or 4xx-level courses for some of the introductory credits.

**As a special exception, either LATN201 or GREK201, intermediate Latin or Greek, may be counted as one of the advanced courses. Students are still required to fulfill the ARHU requirement of 45 3xx-4xx level credits.


  • 18 credits in LATN courses at the 2xx/3xx level
  • 12 credits in LATN courses at the 4xx level or higher
  • 9-12 credits in supporting courses at any level CLAS, GREK, or related fields such as HIST and ARTH
  • 39 - 42 Total Credits

Latin and Greek

Students can select from the two options below in addition to Supporting courses: 

  • Option 1:    
    • 18 credits in LATN courses
    • 12 credits in GREK courses*
  • Option 2:    
    • 18 credits in GREK courses
    • 12 credits in LATN courses*
  • Supporting courses **

39 Total Credits

*Students with no previous training in the second language may count introductory level courses as part of the 12-hour requirement.

**For example, CLAS170, HIST110, and a 3xx- or 4xx-level course in Greek or Roman history

Undergraduate Director

Lillian Doherty

Professor, Classics

1210D Marie Mount Hall
College Park MD, 20742

(301) 405-2022