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Jorge Bravo

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Associate Professor, Undergraduate Program Director, Classics

(301) 405-2360

1210 Marie Mount Hall
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Research Expertise

Ancient Athletics
Greek Archaeology
Greek Religion

Professor Jorge J. Bravo III received his A.B. in Classics from Princeton University and his Ph.D. in Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology from the University of California, Berkeley. He joins the University of Maryland after teaching as a visiting assistant professor at Carleton College, Wesleyan University, and Bowdoin College. His research is currently focused on the archaeology of Greek cult and ancient athletics. He is also a field archaeologist and has participated in several excavations in Greece and Italy, including the Athenian Agora; Kommos, Crete; San Vincenzo al Volturno (Italy); the Sanctuary of Zeus at Nemea; and most recently, Kenchreai, the eastern harbor of ancient Corinth.

Currently Professor Bravo is working on completing his study of the archaeological remains and other evidence for the cult and myth of the hero Opheltes at Nemea, to be published as a volume of the Excavations at Nemea series from the University of California Press. Other recent scholarship has addressed hero cult more generally. His essay "Recovering the Past: The Origins of Heroes and Hero Cult" was published by the Walters Art Museum as part of the exhibition catalogue Heroes: Mortals and Myths in Ancient Greece (Sabine Albersmeier, ed., Baltimore 2009), and his review of C. P. Jones's New Heroes in Antiquity: From Achilles to Antinoos was published in Classical Review in 2011.

Professor Bravo is a member of the Archaeological Institute of America and served as vice-president of the Minnesota Society in 2009-2010. He is also a member of the Lambda Classical Caucus of the APA. His hobbies include working out and swimming, good food and wine, classical music and opera, orchids, and genealogy.


Book published by Profesor Jorge Bravo

Professor Jorge J. Bravo III's book, Excavations at Nemea IV: The Shrine of Opheltes, published by the University of California Press. 

Classics | Women's Studies

Lead: Jorge Bravo

Congratulations to Professor Jorge J. Bravo III, whose book, Excavations at Nemea IV:  The Shrine of Opheltes, has just been published by the University of California Press. 

The following description of the book is taken from the University of California Press website:

"The Sanctuary of Zeus at ancient Nemea has been a rich resource for archaeological investigation and analysis conducted by the University of California over the past forty years. The Sanctuary hosted one of the preeminent athletic festivals of ancient Greece, the Nemean Games. Just as the Olympics were celebrated in connection with the cult of Pelops at Olympia, the games at Nemea were founded on the worship of the hero Opheltes. The Shrine of Opheltes in the Sanctuary of Zeus at Nemea offers one of the best examples of an ancient Greek hero cult documented in the archaeological record. This final and most significant volume in the Excavations at Nemea series presents the results of the excavation of the Shrine from 1979 through 2001 and analyzes the Shrine's features and contents in order to understand its history and use. A study of the literary and artistic evidence about the myth and cult of Opheltes contextualizes the archaeological findings and illuminates the hero's significance to the Sanctuary and its renowned festival, the Nemean Games."